The service user perspective

The service user perspective

Project aim

To gather service user feedback to test, refine and validate our declaration of the foundations of community services, which was created by health and care staff.

Although we included an analysis of the National Voices work in the creation of the original declaration, our design group acknowledged that one of the areas in which the project could have been improved was by broader engagement with service users. To address this NHS England launched this project to gain the service user perspective on the declaration. We have gathered feedback from service users and their carers to create an updated declaration that can be shared by both service users and staff.

Project process

We gathered data from 3 streams:

  • 4 x face to face focus groups
  • Online workshop
  • Literature review

15-04-14 transformldn project 2 - process

Face to face focus groups

We selected case study groups on the extremes. The four focus groups targeted specific groups, who use London’s community services:

  1. People with long-term medical conditions
  2. Older people
  3. Young mothers
  4. Young people

Online workshop

To complement the face to face groups we used a crowdsourcing process to gather the views of service users via an online workshop. Using this website, service users were able to share their ideas, comment on the ideas of others and vote the best ideas to the top, together identifying and prioritising the best responses.

Benefits of crowdsourcing for this project:

  • Able to reach people who might not have been able to attend a face-to-face focus group
  • People were able to contribute in their own time
  • Allowed people, who would not normally communicate to come together online

Literature review

To complement the data collected from our focus groups and online workshops we conducted a literature review of papers relating to patient-centred care.
Papers reviewed:

  • Healthwatch Lewisham – winning the best community healthcare – appreciative inquiry – summary report (2014)
  • Healthwatch Lewisham – your voice counts – event report (2014)
  • National voices: person-centred care 2020 (2014)
  • National voices: A Narrative for Person-Centred Coordinated Care (2012)
  • King’s Fund: people in control of their own health and care (2014)


The combined analysis of the three data-sets, described above, has led to the creation of an updated declaration, outlining the combined views of 1,000+ service users and health and care staff. Our Declaration, is made up of four foundations:

Please read Our Declaration share it with your friends and colleagues and give us your feedback. The Transformldn network was founded upon the belief that community services can help lead a revolution that will transform the health and wellbeing of London – join our network to become part of the revolution today.

Download a poster summary of our declaration here
Our Declaration - updated

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