A Carer’s Perspective

I am told there are 6.4 million carers in the UK of whom some 500,000 are involved in end of life care. I was one of those and I didn’t know it. If you’d asked me what we needed at the start of that journey I couldn’t have told you. Nothing prepares you for caring for someone you love at the end of their life. The problem is we don’t know what we don’t know and that is your challenge as a professional. Sadly you are not going to get it 100% right but if you listen to your customers, which I know you do, if you listen to your ex-customers, which is also happening a lot now, then there is a chance we are going to make it better for people who are yet to start and embark on such a traumatic journey.
Brian Andrews, Carer and Marie Curie Volunteer

Feedback from our Network

Diane Chalmers, Transformation Manager, Your Healthcare CIC

The TransformLDN declaration made us realise that there are other people out there who get it, get our way of working. The declaration reflects the ideas and objectives that we put together in our own Your Healthcare Manifesto – outlining the values that underpin our work as a mutual in the community.

Eirlys Evans, Deputy Director of Nursing, East London NHS Foundation Trust

We are using the platform of the declaration as a tool to assess where we are now and to identify gaps in our services to focus on in the future.

Shelley Dolan, Chief Nurse, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

We have been delighted to work with Caroline Alexander and community experts from service, education and commissioning across London in a concerted effort to refocus attention and transform this essential area of healthcare for Londoners. Key to the success of this initiative is an authentic engagement with the frontline, which is being achieved by using an innovative, energetic and inclusive crowd sourcing approach.

Bernell Bussue, Regional Director Royal College of Nursing London

It is an imperative to get the delivery of services in the community and primary care right; making them as seamless as possible between agencies and for recipients. The efforts of this project present a fantastic opportunity to engage and mobilise a different type of involvement – to improve our community services right across London for patient users and those who deliver services.

Debbie Brown, Practice Nurse Advisor, Lewisham CCG

Transforming community services is an absolute must for 2014 onwards. We really need to ensure that the patient is at the centre of everything we do. No longer can we recommend that patients are sent into hospital to have their care. All the patients are asking for is to have care in the place, at the right time, by the right person.

Mary Clarke, Project Manager Impact Assessments, NHS England

As a Community and Primary Care Nurse I truly believe that community services have for too long been ignored. I am pleased to be involved in the transforming community services work being done in London and feel that this work has given community services the profile it deserves; I say thank you to everyone who has made the effort to contribute to this work. I am a community services practitioner through and through and feel it is now time to raise their profile and give the services the recognition they deserve – placing them on a platform equal to other services, promoting the unique contribution these services make to patients, their families and the whole population. Let’s implement the foundations to make community services bigger and better and improve patients’ experience where it matters most, in the community.

Louise Ashley, Director of Nursing, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

To meet the needs of the future and realise the aspiration for more care to be delivered in the home, it is essential that all community stakeholders bring together their own achievements and future plans for how they aspire to deliver care ‘like nowhere else’. This project allows for such achievements and plans to be shared across the health economy for the benefits of commissioners, providers and most importantly our patients and service users. The creative approach this project has used has been a breath of fresh air, allowing our teams to share their creativity and drive for achieving excellence, together.

Andrew Nwosu, Regional Allied Health Professions Lead, NHS England, London Region

As a carer for ageing parents and a proponent of care closer to home, I applaud the ambitions and progress this project has made in addressing the needs of a changing demographic, harnessing collaborative best practice and efficient delivery and disseminating what actually works. AHP’s are proponents of patient centric care, we straddle the interfaces of Acute, Primary, Tertiary, Social care and the Third sector; the novel approach used to harness user and frontline staff views resonates with our core values. I am excited at being part of this movement, as I look forward to engaging AHPs in the process to redesign community services to deliver positive outcomes and a sustainable health and care system for our users, collaboratively showcasing what is indeed possible when we share the same vision.

Jane Milligan, Chief Officer, Tower Hamlets CCG

Transforming community services is really important from a commissioning perspective as it provides the opportunity to revolutionise how we deliver care to people who live across London; it is a way of ensuring we put the patient at the centre of care. Making sure that we have people who deliver and provide care in a joined up way whether they’re working in general practice, in community services or in voluntary sector organisations and actually supporting patients to be able to manage their care themselves.

Ami David, Nurse member, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham CCGs

Having spent most of my NHS career in leading and developing Community Health Services, I am passionate about getting the basics right so that, as the service now move centre stage, we can demonstrate the real value of care closer to home and support clinicians across community health to deliver on the new agenda. The transforming work by NHS England London has harnessed the views of users and front line staff through novel approaches and arrived at a pragmatic manifesto for future delivery. I am excited about the prospect of seeing the manifesto turning to real action for our patients and carers across London.

Rachel Street, Director of Operations, Bromley Healthcare

Many of those best ideas about how we can change and improve things come from the frontline, they come from our staff. They have a wealth of experience and know what’s happening on the ground in order to transform community services to make it better for the patient, to cope with the increases in demand and to make job satisfaction for our staff better.

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