Our Journey

Our Journey

15-04-07 transformldn projects2

Project 1: creating a common vision

This project was designed to capture a crucial perspective in the debate surrounding transforming community services: the voice of frontline practitioners and leaders in the delivery, management and commissioning of health and social care. To achieve this we followed a five step project design, created by the crowdsourcing and innovation specialists at Clever Together, this was refined and guided by our Design Group. 1,000+ people from 150+ organisations got involved and shared their views on what excellent community services should look like.

14-09-23c transformldn process

Our Draft Vision

We created a short animation to stimulate the conversation.


Our Declaration

Download a poster summary of our declaration here.
14-10-09 transformldn final 2

Project 2: the service user perspective

Although we included an analysis of National Voices work in the creation of Our Declaration – our design group acknowledged that one of the areas in which the project could have been improved was by broader engagement of service users. To address this NHS England launched a project to socialise the foundations of the declaration – gathering feedback from service users to create an updated declaration that works for both staff and service users. This output is due to be published in May 2015.

15-04-08 transformldn - project 2 - process

Download a poster summary of our declaration here
Our Declaration - updated

Project 3: the future of community services in London

Following the publication of the ‘Five Year Forward View’, the TransformLDN design group felt there was a need to contextualise Our Declaration by looking at how it can be used to impact and influence the new models of care being developed. The models of care outlined in the ‘Five Year Forward View’ will impact on the way community services are commissioned and provided. NHS England has begun working with the London office of CCGs to explore the Multi-speciality Community Provider (MCP) model, as outlined in the ‘Five Year Forward View’.

This model will join up primary and community care and will ‘expand the leadership of primary care to include nursing, therapists and other community based professionals’. As GPs are currently developing their thinking on what this should look like – it seems timely for community services to start considering the model from their perspective.

What we want to know is what “good” MCPs should look like – specifically how the “Declaration of the Foundations of Community Services” can be applied to the MCP model.

Using the declaration as a starting point we are now analysing 5 further datasets:

  • Online crowdsourcing workshop
  • Expert interviews
  • GP federation workshop
  • Vanguard applications
  • Literature review

From this we will outline of the key building blocks for creating a successful MCP – that meets the expectations and needs of the public and staff. This output is expected to be published in May 2015.

15-04-07 transfromldn - project 3 - process

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