Inspiration: Removing barriers between community and GP nursing

Inspiration: Removing barriers between community and GP nursing

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Organisation: Southwark CCG


Our aim is to remove the barriers between community and general practice nurses, including healthcare assistants, in order for us to work in a slicker way.

This aim is seen as one of the solutions to our recruitment and retention issues, but also to enable us to understand and appreciate each other’s roles better.

Brief Summary

This project is work in progress, and the decisions on what will be delivered and when are still to be made.

In Southwark we have two practice nurse leads who work in local practices and are funded for a day a week working with the CCG.

The decision to focus on removing barriers was shaped by the outcomes of a joint primary and community care visionary conference we held in December 2013. We ran the conference to capture the nursing appetite and vision to change.

What we learnt at the conference is that:
• Nurses are still in touch with their core reasons for becoming nurses and still want to make a difference to improving people’s health
• There are many obstacles to overcome on infrastructure, communication and our target driven culture

Next steps:
Following the conference, we began working on a practice nurse and healthcare assistant strategy and implementation plan, which are in the process of being developed ready for signed off. Whilst these are being developed, we have prioritised one thing to focus on, which is about removing the barriers between community and general practice nurses.

In addition to our role in building a strategy and implementation plan, we are working with Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care, and we support nurses in GP practices through clinical advice, supervision and leadership.

Area of work

In relation to the four foundations of our declaration, this project aims to:

  • Working as one team

Service user involvement?

Not applicable yet as project just beginning

Advice for others

Our joint conference enabled us to get to know each other and to feel together in the need to change. However, moving forward has been slower than anticipated due to lack of resource to drive those changes as one nurse left the role earlier in 2015.

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NHS Southwark CCG Primary and Community Care Strategy:

More information on Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care:

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