Inspiration: Achieving Excellence Together Campaign

Inspiration: Achieving Excellence Together Campaign

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Organisation: Central London Community Health Care NHS Trust


  • To improve the morale of staff across the community nursing service
  • To develop community nurses (registered and unregistered) who are competent and confident in their practice
  • To define and introduce a staffing model for community nursing including expected minimum staffing levels and clarity in relation to roles and responsibilities

Brief Summary

In response to general concerns regarding the general morale of our community nurses across the organisation, along with concerns relating to poor staffing, patient safety issues and whistleblowing incidents from staff, a campaign, Achieving Excellence Together was launched to improve the standards of care and the staff morale in community nursing across the Trust

Five campaign groups have been established, and each are taking forward relevant components of work aligned to the overall campaign outcomes. Significant work has been taken forward, but will be supported by funding which has now been approved by Health Education North West London.

The 5 campaign groups include:

  1. Campaign Group One: Lifting the Mood – This group is working closely with the Compassion in Practise project to look at how morale can be improved across the services.
  2. Campaign Group Two: Fit for Practice – This group is looking at the current training and development opportunities for community nurses and defining set competencies.
  3. Campaign Group Three: Modelling the Way – This group is designing a methodology for working out minimum numbers in community nursing. This will be done collaboratively with the Queen’s Institute. The group is also linking with the transformation team on the preferred model for community nursing.
  4. Campaign Group Four: Filling the Gaps – This group, working with the recruitment team is looking at a recruitment strategy for community nursing and will review and improve the booking and usage of temporary staffing.
  5. Campaign Five: Leading the Way – This group, working with the OD team is designing a programme of leadership development for community nursing staff from Band 5 to team leader level.

Area of work

In relation to the four foundations of our declaration, this project aims to:

  • Happy staff with the right skills

Service user involvement?

Stakeholder membership within the AET steering group

Advice for others

Ensure staff wide engagement, so that staff are all aware that progress is being made regarding actions to their feedback – i.e. lifting the morale of the workforce.

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