How to use our declaration

How to use our declaration

The results of this project are designed as a tool to support and inspire service improvements both for the front line and those who lead the design, delivery or commissioning of health and social care services in the community. This declaration has been created by service users and health and care staff from all 32 boroughs of London and from more than 150 different organisations – it acknowledges that different organisations and areas are at different stages in their transformation of community services. Some areas have already implemented these foundations, others still have work to do to move towards them. Whatever stage your organisation is at, this declaration can support and inspire the improvement of community services in your area. We encourage you to consider:

  • Is your organisation delivering service change and transformation projects that are aligned with the declaration? Please share your experiences – what are your aims and how has the journey been so far?
  • Do you harbour the desire to achieve the outcomes outlined in the declaration but are finding it tough to get traction and support? If so, feel free to use this declaration as yet more evidence to support your ideas, and to read and share supporting evidence and case studies for inspiration. Indeed, let us know if you are stuck and we’ll attempt to connect you to people who may be able to help.
  • Do you fundamentally disagree with any aspect of the declaration? If so, let us know – this draft has been written by the people for the people, your views are important to the community.
  • Do you want to champion this declaration in your organisation? Do you want to help us spread the word, to empower community service colleagues across the city to be at the epicentre of a transformation in the mental and physical health and well-being outcomes of our capital’s people? If so, get in touch, we’d love to have you involved in the journey to transform London.

We declare that a community-led revolution in health and social care will transform the health and well-being of London – the foundation of our revolution has four parts…

More and more people now live and work in London increasing demand on our health services. Londoners also want to be able to receive their care closer to home, in ways that suit their lifestyle and situation. Following on from the London Health Commission, the Healthy London Partnership has been developed to lead the transformation of health services across London. Community Services are a vital component in making this future model of care work, by offering excellent care for people where they need it, in the places they live and work.

Building upon our previous declaration co-created by health and care staff, which was launched last year, we have gathered feedback from service users and their carers to create an updated declaration that reflects the views of a cross–section of Londoners, both service users and health and care staff.

The foundation of our revolution has four parts…

1 Care is about me
Me and my fellow Londoners are at the heart of care. Everything is planned and delivered around our needs
2 Make London healthier and happier
Londoners lead healthier and happier lives, with less time spent in hospitals
3 Working as one team
Everyone involved in my care, regardless of which organisation they are part of, works as one team
4 Happy staff with the right skills
The people who care for me, and their leaders are inspired, motivated and skilled

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