8 ways to stay involved: transforming community and general practice nursing

the change wall

Following on from our conference on transforming community and general practice nursing in London, we would like to share with you the opportunities that are available for you to continue your involvement in this work.

  1. Visit our Inspiration Projects to find out what other people are doing to transform services, and get in touch with them. You can also post your own project by filling out this form.
  2. Stay in touch with the people you met at our conference, and continue those conversations about your pledges and plans for delivering them together – will you be a ‘lone nutter’ or a ‘first follower’?
  3. Contribute to the #ChangeChallenge – a project run jointly with NHSIQ, HSJ, Nursing Times and Clever Together, seeking your views on how we can create better bottom-up change in the NHS – sign up here
  4. Get involved in our latest project exploring the new models of care outlined in the ‘Five Year Forward View’. Next week will be inviting you to join an online workshop to discuss what the key components of a “good” Multi-speciality community provider are and how they can be delivered.
  5. Join the ‘Building and Strengthening Leadership group’ on the 6Cs website.
  6. Continue the conversation via Twitter, using the #transformLDN hashtag. You can read the post-conference Twitter summary on storify.
  7. Make your pledge at NHS Change Day in time for 11 March Change Day, and follow #nhschangeday on Twitter.
  8. Share the conference presentations, which are now on our website. You are also able to see the film of the day here.

We are going to continue to find and upload projects onto Our Inspiration Landscape, and review the projects to look for gaps and ways to join people up. We’d also like to hear about projects you’re thinking of starting – do please get in touch.

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