The launch of our declaration

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Download a poster summary of our declaration here.

After three very busy months of research and crowdsourcing we have now launched Our Declaration – describing how a community led revolution in health and social care can transform the health and well-being of London. Our Declaration was co-created by 1,000+ health and social care staff from 100+ organisations, representing all 32 London boroughs.

Our journey up to this point has involved a process of in depth research, which led to the creation of a draft vision in the form a one page document and an animation. We then created and empowered a network to share their feedback to improve this draft: 100+ people attended our conference and 1,000+ people, representing 100+ organisations got involved in our online crowdsourcing workshop. This process was guided by a design group of 40 experts and leaders from London’s health and social care organisations. Our design group analysed the feedback from our network – 10,000+ ideas, comments and votes, which refined and improved our draft vision. This work was distilled into Our Declaration a simple, inspiring statement of how community services can lead a transformation in the health and well-being of our city.

We want Our Declaration to support and inspire those seeking to improve the delivery and commissioning of health and social care services in the community. We need you to spread the word. Please read Our Declaration, share it with your colleagues and tell us what you think. You can find out more about each foundation of Our Declaration by looking at the individual pages: Get Personal, Make Boundaries Invisible, Real Leaders, Happy Workers, Focus on Outcomes. We have collected together data from our design group, the crowd and case studies and literature describing what this foundation should look like and how it can be achieved. Please get involved and share your case studies so we can build and grow Our Declaration and work together to realise a community-led revolution in health and social care.

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