Transforming London’s community services – why crowdsourcing?

London faces a vast and every growing challenge – our population is expanding and ageing, which is placing huge demands on the current health and social care system. Transforming how community services are both commissioned and delivered will be a key enabler of meeting this challenge. To achieve this we need service providers, commissioners and other stakeholders to share a common, inspiring vision of what excellent community services look like – both now and in the future.

We already have many pieces of the puzzle:
• voice of patients and carers;
• Expert academic and think tank reports;
• Expert practice from both providers and commissioners.
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But we are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle and that is the voice of the frontline, health care practitioners and leaders in delivery, management and commissioning.

Crowdsourcing allows us to engage and receive feedback from a large number of people quickly and easily – ensuring the voice and wisdom of the frontline is heard.

We are deploying a simple, easy to use, online workshop to allow health care practitioners and leaders from all across London to join the conversation and contribute their views, to shape a collective vision of how we are striving to commission and deliver community services. Everyone is invited to submit their ideas, read and comment on the ideas of others and vote for the ideas they like most – all anonymously.

We value the skill and expertise of those who work in community services and feel it is essential that their knowledge and experience shapes the future. We now need you to help refine or even rewrite this draft, helping to create a collective vision to inspire how we are commissioning and delivering our capital’s community services.

You can get involved in our online workshop now and also apply to attend or share in the outputs of our conference on July 14th 2014.

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