Our Declaration

Our Declaration*

Our declaration below, represents the combined views of health and care staff and service users on what excellent community services should look like. Our analysis reveals that health and social care staff and service users want to make the following declaration:

We declare that a community-led revolution in health and social care will transform the health and wellbeing of London.

Health and care services are there for us when we need them most. They help us stay well, get better when we are ill and stay as well as possible until the end of our lives. Health and care services are there to improve the health of everyone in our city and should be designed around the needs of the people who use them.

More and more people now live and work in London increasing demand on our health services. Londoners also want to be able to receive their care closer to home, in ways that suit their lifestyle and situation. Following on from the London Health Commission, the Healthy London Partnership has been developed to lead the transformation of health services across London. Community Services are a vital component in making this future model of care work, by offering excellent care for people where they need it, in the places they live and work.

Building upon our previous declaration co-created by health and care staff, which was launched last year, we have gathered feedback from service users and their carers to create an updated declaration that reflects the views of a cross–section of Londoners, both service users and health and care staff.

The foundation of our revolution has four parts…

1 Care is about me

Me and my fellow Londoners are at the heart of care. Everything is planned and delivered around our needs

  • I decide the goals I want services to help me achieve. I am supported to improve my own health and wellbeing and I can do this because care is planned and delivered around my needs.
  • The team looking after me plan my care together with me. This means I am helped to understand my choices and rights and I am supported to make decisions about my care.
  • I know what services are available to me and can get care at times and in places that are best suited to me, whether this is face to face, on the phone or online.
  • I know the people who are involved in my care and they have the time to listen and respond to my concerns. I feel that my voice is heard and that everyone is working with me.
  • I am looked at as a whole person – all parts of my physical and mental health are considered equally by those involved in my care.
  • The role of my family, carers and those around me is recognised – they are supported to help me improve my health and wellbeing.

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2 Make London healthier and happier

Londoners lead healthier and happier lives, with less time spent in hospitals

  • The organisations involved in my care understand the needs of specific groups and whole populations, as well as my own health and wellbeing needs.
  • Organisations and the people working in them care about what matters to everyone – improved health and well-being and less time in hospital. This means everyone is supported to live independently.
  • If my health and wellbeing is at risk, this is spotted early and I am offered support – preventing me from falling ill or my condition getting worse.
  • A focus on preventing ill health starts early, with visits to new-borns, improved education about physical and mental health in schools and then support in the workplace. Everyone is supported to lead healthier and happier lives.
  • My mental and physical health are regarded as equally important by everyone involved in health and care.
  • Over time our health and care organisations make London healthier and happier, lessening health inequalities between different people and areas.

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4 Working as one team

Everyone involved in my care, regardless of which organisation they are part of, works as one team

  • The boundaries between organisations and areas are irrelevant to me because hospitals, GPs, community staff and the voluntary sector all talk to each other and work together to meet my needs.
  • Teams of staff with different skills work together with me and my carers to help me achieve my goals.
  • Health services forge better links with voluntary organisations and other sectors e.g. Housing. I am supported to consider all aspects of my health and wellbeing.
  • As a young person, when I move into adult services, the change is well planned and I am offered continual support.
  • I can access my own care records and plans. This can also be done, with my permission, by anyone involved in my care.

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3 Happy staff with the right skills

The people who care for me, and their leaders are inspired, motivated and skilled

  • The people involved in my care are well trained and supported. They have clear career paths and their leaders coach and inspire them.
  • Local teams are given the freedom to use the skills of different health professionals and technology to meet the needs of their local area.
  • Staff are able to spend more time with me, as there are enough of them to meet demand – this allows them to remain sensitive to my needs.
  • All staff involved in my care have the right skills for the job – this includes training people like receptionists and developing staff to meet the changing needs of my community.
  • Leaders of different organisations work together with me and other patients to bridge boundaries and share knowledge and information.

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*1,000+ service users and health and care staff, from 150+ organisations, representing all 32 borough of London, have created this declaration together through a process of crowdsourcing.

Download a poster summary of our declaration here
Our Declaration - updated


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