Make London healthier and happier

Focus on outcomes – Make London healthier and happier

Londoners lead healthier and happier lives, with less time spent in hospitals

We will have achieved this when…

  • The organisations involved in my care understand the needs of specific groups and whole populations, as well as my own health and wellbeing needs.
    • People, especially older people with various conditions that constrain their lives: report that, taken together, their care, support and treatment helps them live the life they want to live, to the best of their ability. (National Voices 2020)
    • What really matters to people will be a key outcome. (National Voices 2020)
    • Focus on developing outcome measures that everyone can recognise – patients, commissioners, carers, providers – to facilitate a joint conversation about what is needed and expected. (Unknown)
  • Organisations and the people working in them care about what matters to everyone – improved health and well-being and less time in hospital. This means everyone is supported to live independently.
    • People, especially older people with various conditions that constrain their lives: say they feel supported to be independent and to maintain their social and family connections. (National Voices 2020)
    • Wellness’ should be the focus nationwide as opposed to ‘illness’. (Speech Therapist North West London)
    • What really matters to people will be a key outcome. . .Things will not change until what counts as an “outcome” is redefined, and aligned with performance monitoring, accountability and funding. Systems need to be guided by measures of people’s fundamental goals and preferences, for example well-being, quality of life, mobility, independence, social connectedness and confidence to manage. (National Voices 2020)
  • If my health and wellbeing is at risk, this is spotted early and I am offered support – preventing me from falling ill or my condition getting worse.
    • Groups and communities with the highest burden/risk of ill health have access to person centred coordinated care and receive tailored approaches to improve their wellbeing. (National Voices 2020)
    • Focus on promotion of health and providing support for those who need it most. (Nurse, South London)
    • Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care: A whole population approach, to identify risks early; interventions tailored to levels of risk and the individual. Person-centred coordinated care – London’s progress and learning (NHS Commissioning Board, 2013)
  • A focus on preventing ill health starts early, with visits to new-borns, improved education about physical and mental health in schools and then support in the workplace. Everyone is supported to lead healthier and happier lives.
    • Would be good for school nurses to be more prominent and pro-active in schools to raise health issues – especially in primary schools – they could work with the teachers. (Patient via online workshop)
    • Promoting health – All businesses including NHS should have a preventive program – exercise classes, healthy eating, dancing, gardening, etc. (Patient via online workshop)
    • Health education in schools needs to be much broader – too much focus on sex education and gangs not enough focus on mental health. (Young person via focus group)
    • Risk stratification and case finding need to avoid the trap of focusing only on people currently vulnerable and seek opportunities to intervene early to support those who may become vulnerable in future. Making integrated care happen at scale and pace (The King’s Fund, 2013)
  • My mental and physical health are regarded as equally important by everyone involved in health and care.
    • People’s mental and physical health problems are treated together: people have access to psychological therapies that is as rapid as referral to consultants for physical health needs. (National Voices 2020)
  • Over time our health and care organisations make London healthier and happier, lessening health inequalities between different people and areas.
    • There is a postcode lottery – I now live in Westminster but used to live in Brent – the services there were very different – everyone deserves an equal service. (Young person via focus group)
    • In all this there will be a strong, cross-government focus on improving the health of those with the largest burden of ill health, tackling the scourge of health inequalities. Currently excluded groups such as homeless people, travellers, offenders, recent migrants and others will be registered with GPs and have regular access to primary care. (National Voices 2020)


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