Inspiration: Nursing simulation – a community experience

Inspiration: Nursing simulation – a community experience

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Organisation: Kingston University, St George’s University of London


The education sector faces major challenges in providing learning experiences so that newly qualified nurses feel adequately prepared to work in a community setting. With this in mind, HEIs need to develop more innovative ways to deliver the community nurse experience to student nurses.

Brief Summary

Simulation provides an opportunity for educators to evaluate student performance in an environment that models a complete patient encounter. As senior lecturers, two being district nurses and one experienced in ward simulation, we came together proactively to enrich student learning and develop a highly realistic community learning environment in a non-conventional manner. We used each other’s skills and knowledge to challenge thoughts, reinforce thinking, prevent task orientated care and promote the use of efficient and effective communication as well as autonomy.

Both quantitative and qualitative data was collected. Various questions were asked using a Likert scale and the answers were analysed by a group of senior lecturers to identify possible solutions for issues raised. Most changes occurred on the second day however they slowly continued throughout the week. This can be evidenced in the analysis of evaluation which represents a higher proportion of students giving a more positive rating towards the end of the simulation week.

Area of work

In relation to the four foundations of our declaration, this project aims to:

  • Happy staff with the right skills

Service user involvement?

The student nurses are nurses of the future and will therefore have a significant impact of the confidence they present with whilst working in partnership with someone in their own home.

Advice for others

It is crucial to involve students within community care and help loose the assumption that all community nurses need to have hospital experience before joining a community team.

Use knowledge from various nurses as everyone has their particular expertise. We drew on the expertise of the skills team and the knowledge of community nurses to help make the simulations as realistic as possible.

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