Inspiration: Inpatient Digital Observations

Inspiration: Inpatient Digital Observations

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Organisation: South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust


This project has been funded from the Nursing Technology Fund.

To implement the electronic recording of Physical and Mental Health observations across SLAM’s (52) inpatient Wards and 4 Home Treatment Teams.

Brief Summary

In a Mental Health setting, the term ‘Observations’ encompasses the routine engagement of patients during daily activities and their interaction with staff and other patients as part of the care process and to inform ongoing treatment and interventions.
This project is an opportunity to bring these mental health observations into the mainstream of electronic inpatient care, which together with the integration of digital Physical Health recording will enable greater nursing efficiencies, patient safety and real-time use of clinical data.

Primary Focus: Digitally enabled obs

Funds awarded: £1000K

Background on the Nursing Technology Fund
In October 2012 the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a Nursing Technology Fund to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make better use of digital technology in all care settings, in order to deliver safer, more effective and more efficient care.
The funding was to be allocated to providers following an application and evaluation process. The first round, for £30M, and the second round for £35M of capital funding has been awarded.

Second round outcomes
276 applications were received, and 62 organisations have been awarded funding totalling almost £35M. The successful applicants include 7 voluntary / community / social enterprises. The highest individual award was £1M. A list of successful applications is available to download. There may be an opportunity to fund a small number of further applications in FY15/16.

The funded projects represent the full range of geographies and care settings, and beneficiaries include nurses, midwives, health visitors and healthcare assistants. The range of projects covers the following technology-enabled capabilities (in order of popularity):

  • Digitally-enabled observations management
  • Mobile access to digital care records across the community
  • Digital capture of clinical data at point-of-care
  • Safer clinical interventions
  • Real-time digital nursing dashboards
  • Smart workforce deployment
  • Remote face-to-face interaction
  • Digital images for nursing care

Area of work

In relation to the four foundations of our declaration, this project aims to:

  • Happy staff with the right skills
  • Make London healthier and happier

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Nursing Technology Fund

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