Inspiration: Shaping a healthier future

Inspiration: Shaping a healthier future

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Organisation: Health Education North West London (HENWL)


The eight CCGs within North West London are working in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders to transform the whole health and care system for its two million residents through a number of service and workforce transformation programmes that promote self-care and care that is provided closer to home.

Brief Summary

In North West London we possess one of the most ambitious visions for health and care transformation in the country – outcome based integrated health and care centered around the needs of our local citizens. We seek to plan and provide care that is more integrated, delivered closer to home and, where appropriate, provided in the best facilities.

As the Shaping a Healthier Future programme progresses, developing and transforming the workforce is recognised as a key enabler to support the change.

Examples of how we are working with Health Education North West London to develop our workforce are:

  • Supporting staff and learners through change as a result of service reconfiguration, minimising attrition and protecting the educational experience through investment in mentors and individual careers development opportunities
  • Investing in support to enable new services and teams to deliver, e.g. Urgent Care Centre teams stepping in to replace A&E services
  • Managing the process of producing excellent ‘fit for purpose’ pre-registration nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists and doctors in training
  • Aligning the HEE and HENWL workforce and education planning processes to ensure that our investment in the workforce supports the future service vision for North West London, integrating data sources and validating plans against service strategy and clinical commissioning plans
  • Extended consultation on future workforce requirements is underway to steer additional investment in new and innovative roles to support service improvement and transformation
  • Significant investment in the development of General Practice teams and the establishment of GP delivery networks to support Primary Care Transformation and Whole Systems Integrated Care
  • Investment committed for the development of multi-agency and inter-professional Community Learning Networks to further support Whole Systems Integrated Care and Primary Care Transformation

Area of work

In relation to the four foundations of our declaration, this project aims to:

  • Care is about me
  • Working as one team
  • Happy staff with the right skills
  • Make London healthier and happier

Service user involvement?

We are committed to engaging service users and their representatives fully in the co-design and delivery of new emergent serviced models.

Advice for others

Engage with service users, patients and carers from the outset and seek to collaborate with all key stakeholders to determine service design principles underpinned by a common vision for multi-agency transformation.

Links for more information

For more information visit the Shaping a Healthier Future page. This work was presented at a conference on Transforming London’s Community and General Practice Nursing:
Video with slides embedded
Presentation slides

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